Practice Comics

2016-02-16 21:15:47 by Zolen

Zolen is making them, any thoughts are useful to my development.


First in fable style as I call it:

The goal was practicing pacing, type casting, and panel relevance.



Second I am just starting as of this post, in a simple coloring and line art style:

The goal is to work on my figure drawing, enviroment planning, and pacing.


That is all.


Assuming anyone reads these

2015-12-13 09:59:47 by Zolen

I am planning out character designs for a possible web comic. So any critical thoughts would be useful.

That is all.

Words of Zolen

2015-11-15 21:18:32 by Zolen

Any time I see someone buy Neapolitan all they eat is the chocolate and strawberry and leave the vanilla

A great hero marches off into adventure against his greatest foe. Mathew! But in his careless rush a mass net fell upon the hero. The evil Mathew let out a evil laugh and yelled "Ha! You fell into my trapezoid!"


2015-11-03 13:05:36 by Zolen

Recently on one of the many art sites I dump my stuff on, someone flagged one of my drawings as stolen, and used my deviant art as where it was stolen from.


.....Not sure if thats a good or bad thing.


2015-10-30 14:30:34 by Zolen

Hoven't written any post in a long time because I consider this a feature for people with very active fans. Rather then just 'fans' in the sense of people who silently add themselves and never type at the person they fanned.


Since my last post, long, long ago was me asking for ideas, I might as well say that is over, as is the speed painting, as I finished learning how to use a tablet at a speed and skill level I am happy with.


Well I am never happy, I want more, BUT, speed painting isn't going to make me any better I just need to keep drawing things to challenge myself.

edit: If someone DOES want me to draw something for them. I rather not be pushed into anything unless I am paid for it, and I have no means at the moment for anyone to pay me. I guess you could offer video games in exchange or something.


That is all.

Yes, I recently got ahold of a tablet, and wish to work myself away from drawing with a mouse, thus speed painting crash course. Anyone with a idea on what I should try plz shout, I wish for ideas that I might not normally draw on my own (sfw).  

I appear everyone!

2013-08-06 18:41:20 by Zolen

I suddenly return wishing to actually try to make decent stuff, thus removal of most everything, sadly thats not enough for the magic of 20 limit for unscouted. (caused by dumping left over stuff). Why such a tiny number.